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Close-ups of a Cormorant


That great unknown since always when you see it is far from your sight.

On this occasion he gave us a long posed near us.

I never thought I could see his eyes.

Round eyes, with a bluish green color.

A curved bill to catch its prey under water.

He likes the sun, since his feathers get wet after immersion.They have to spread their wings and dry themselves.That is a great vision.Its wings are big and dark.

If we bring the lens closer we can appreciate the drawing of the wings.In brown tones it looks tanned in leather.We can admire the brightness and the texture.Highlighting the bluish black color of its plumage.

He is attentive to everything that happens around him.Concentrated on his cormorant things.

The birds rest on one leg.Is it his way of resting?

Thank you Mr. Cormorant for giving me this precious moment.That will become a great memory.


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