China Dolphin Extinction

It was unfortunate to discover that the long-threatened Yangtze River dolphin in China is probably extinct. An international survey was taken and more than 1,500 kilometers of the river was searched and not one dolphin was found. This is the Baiji dolphin and in the late 1990s, they did find thirteen live dolphins however in the 1950s the dolphin population was in the thousands.

The reason for the extinction of this dolphin is being blamed on modernization in China which brought industrial pollution, heavy river traffic, and construction of the Three Gorges Dam. The World Conservation Union has stated that an animal can be declared extinct only after it has not been found in the wild for fifty years. Hopefully, some of the dolphins will be strong enough to survive and multiply once more.


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  1. They could if China would give them a chance. But at the rate they annex every land and every part of the oceans I wounder if anything can survive the Chinese aggression.

  2. You are a teacher at heart. Today I am using this in my grandchildren’s homeschool adventure. I am finding that many virily posts work well for that and brings outside views, but doesn’t help with comments. We have to that ourselves.


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