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CAT tails? Or Cat tales, dog tales more like it!

I took Meika (my wolfdog) and Penny (My moms chihuahua mix) on a walk by the creek by the house yesterday.

I live in a small town called Oceanside in Southern California one mile from the beach and Pacific Ocean.

This is just down from a huge waterfall that is closed to the public. It’s been a year since I have been to this area. I will start off with my photos from last year.

This is a natural waterway leading to the ocean.

Meika grew up here. Being a high content wolf mix she needs a lot of time and space to run, swim and just have fun.

Art edit..

And this one, maybe she is half fish, or half pointer!

Anyway here it is now, its over grown with cattails!

Meika’s expression shows how she feels about it.

Her coat got a bit muddy..

Funny thing, I have her trained to go rinse off before we get back into the car. She will find a fresh area, and be spotless seconds later.

Anyway, until she rinses off, she takes full advantage of any water! It was nice and cool too. Can you spot her in the photo below?

Shaking off..

Did you know wolves were extremely hard to photograph, if there is anything between you and them they will duck behind.. She might be 25 % German Shepherd, but you’d never know it.. That’s good and bad, I would not suggest owning one, unless you know what this entails.

But she is the best girl ever!

Penny on the other hand didn’t mind the water was hidden, she hates water. ew.

She loves the adventure!

As you can see..

Penny is weighs only five pounds, but that doesn’t slow her down! They had  a great day all n all, Meika got to chase wabbits and swim, Penny got to explore!!! Her favorite past time.

Thank you for stopping by to look at the dogs! Have a great day.


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  1. Dogs like Meika have that regal air about them that make them quite attractive while the likes of Penny have that cuteness overload that just melts one’s heart. We always dreamed of having a big dog but they do need a lot of exercise unlike the smaller ones. We keep ours inside the house. Thanks for sending me this link. I tweeted it.

    • She is very regal. Good way to describe her. You could get a Dane, they dont need too many walks, or.. a blood hound? Lay at your feet watching the fire. hahaha. Small ones are so much easier, love the baths in the sink..

  2. Lovely area to go for a walk. Your Meika looks like a twin to my sweet old departed Tasha who was a mix German Shepherd and Husky. Her fur and colour was husky, including her pulling instinct but her nose and ears were all German Shepherd. She also loved to go out walking and exploring but she never cared very much for water. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos and story.

    • lol those shepherd ears.. You can’t miss those can you. I am so glad Meika doesnt have a thick undercoat like a husky.. whew. Still it is so bad, and she goes through two sheds a year. I tell the vet she is husky and shepherd but they know better. lol. He’s told me so. Glad you liked the story. : )

      • I agree. The only downfall with a husky is the shedding. They all claim that they shed twice a year but I knew better because I had to vacuum every day of the week. But I still enjoyed her company… and her long pointed ears and her beautiful right eye which was pale blue, almost white, and her left brown eye. She was a gorgeous and grand old gal.

    • Thank you Carol and thank you for coming on every one of them with me. I think of you all when I am out shooting, Carol would love this one, Elenka would appreciate this one, click, Albert this one, click.. and so on. You get what I mean.

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