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Cat Heroes-U-Tube

First of all the cat on this post image is my pet cat Tinker that died recently. I wanted to do his memory proud, by showing how even more valuable that cats can be.

Please watch this amazing video about cat heroes that actually talks about how cats saved lives.. For some reason dogs have been know to save lives instead of cats. I searched the internet, and indeed found more than one cat hero. I think on this video you should hear about 10 cat heroes. Pets are in more ways than one, but I never knew cats saved lives. Now, I am a believers, so if you are in doubt if cats could turn out to be heroes, please watch this video. Our pets are members of our family, and they can love you so much they could save your life one day.

Image Credit-LaJenna

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  1. As a cat lover, I didn’t like it when people said cats only like to sleep; they’re lazy when it comes to saving lives. I did some online sear searching, and bingo, there were cat heroes who saved human lives. Your post is a reminder of that fact.

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