Bunny Care 101

As we get closer to Easter, more and more people start to think about adopting a rabbit as a pet. They associate the furry animals with storybook hares that are popular this time of year. However, a real rabbit is much different than the ones in books. Owning a rabbit is an important responsibility, just like any other pet. It’s not something to be taken lightly. All animals need proper care, shelter, and nourishment. They shouldn’t be abused or abandoned. They also have to be handled with care. Here are a few tips you can borrow from this bunny care 101 guide:

1. Provide fresh food and water.

You should provide fresh hay, food pellets, vegetables and water for your rabbit every day. Clean their food and water bowls regularly, and clean any spilled rabbit food or water at the same time. You can also grow vegetables for your rabbit if you have some extra time and space you can use for gardening.

2. Make space for them to live in

Your rabbit is going to need a place to stay, whether they’re going to be an indoor or outdoor pet. If they are going to live indoors, you can keep them in a cage or within a puppy pen. Make sure to let them out of their pen or cage every few hours, because they need room to roam. Just make sure that you keep them in your sight, though. Rabbits are eager explorers and can quickly get lost in your home. Keeping them in the living room or family room is a good way for them to bond with your and your family.

3. Have a litter box ready

Rabbits usually tend to relieve themselves in one area. That’s why it’s a good idea to set up a litter box near their food and water bowls. You can fill the box with pellet litter and then lay hay on top of the litter. That will help reinforce good litter box habits for the rabbit, as they become familiar with their new surroundings.

4. Give them something to do

Rabbits can get bored easily, so give them something to occupy their time. Empty cardboard boxes can be great for their physical and mental stimulation. They can chew through the boxes, creating openings, or they can just sit still when they feel like being quiet. There are also plenty of rabbit toys that you can buy.

5. Take steps to bunny-proof your house

If your rabbit is going to be an indoor pet, take steps to protect them and your belongings from harm. You should cover any electrical wires with plastic tubing or lifting them safely out of the rabbit’s reach. Rabbits will try to chew anything they can, so take steps to protect your plants, furniture, baseboards and other items that could easily be damaged by their teeth.

These are just some important steps for becoming a good rabbit owner. Other suggestions include grooming your rabbit regularly and taking them in to your local veterinarian’s office for regular checkups. Rabbits are very friendly and can provide many special memories for you and your loved ones. Keeping them happy and healthy will ensure they live a long, fruitful life.  


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