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Best Apartment Dog Breeds for Small Living Spaces

For those who live in apartments but love dogs, have no fear. You too can have a dog that you’re able to share your love with – and probably your bed too. Some breeds don’t make great small apartment dwellers, but others love the apartment life, as long as they can be with you they’re happy. Let’s have a look and explore some of your options.

Happy Apartment Dwelling Dogs

Small dogs often do the best in apartments but mixed breeds also do well. Here are some suggestions for dogs and you’ll note that not all of them are small.

Havanese – This small dog originated from Cuba. It’s a small dog with a lovely, bright personality. They are smart and enjoy being with you. They’ll cuddle close, play fetch, and learn anything that you’ve got the time to teach them. They do very well with a little exercise outside and daily walks.

Poodles – This is a popular choice among apartment dwellers because they are a hypoallergenic breed that doesn’t shed. This is ideal for keeping your place clean. Toy poodles are very tiny and don’t take up a lot of space. They can be active but don’t need a ton of space to run around and a walk each day is usually enough to help them burn off their excess energy.

Golden Retrievers – This is a dog that can be very versatile and is well-behaved indoors once they grow beyond puppyhood. They do require a bit of exercise each day and this can be accomplished by taking them on a daily run or heading out to your local dog park for a couple of hours. They adapt well and most golden retriever mix breeds will also do well, like corgi golden retriever mix breeds, indoors in smaller spaces. This is why they make wonderful service dogs, they adapt and have fantastic personalities. Goldens are the more Zen of the medium breeds, seemingly old souls.

Corgis – These little guys are a medium-bodied dog, with short legs. They love to have a good run outdoors once per day, for at least an hour. At that point, they’ll be happy to come inside and snooze on the sofa and bark at cars going by. They do have their idiosyncrasies, but they are highly intelligent and adaptable dogs. They love learning and will absorb any tricks you teach them like a sponge. They also enjoy herding you if you allow this behavior. Some people find they need to employ some training early on, but once this breed is fully trained and grown-up, they are awesome dogs that can live anywhere. Provide them with plenty of toys so that they stay occupied. They love toys!

Italian Greyhounds – This small dog is a couch potato, despite his svelt figure. He can run like mad outside but his requirements for exercise are not steep. This tiny dog gets cold easily and his skin is thin, so he is easily injured, so keep watchful eyes on him at all times. Indoors, he’s happiest when wrapped in a blanket or in your lap. His coat is thin and very short so maintaining his cleanliness is easy too. They don’t shed a ton, compared to other breeds.

Yorkies – This small dog is very tiny in the teacup variety or even in the regular size version, which can still be less than 8 pounds. They do need a lot of maintenance to their coats. They need regular grooming, trimmings and have a tendency to have dental issues as they age, so keeping their teeth clean is a big deal too. They are small and love to be in your lap, don’t require any special exercise and love apartment dwelling. As long as they can be with you, they are very happy.

Chihuahua – This is a very tiny dog that originated in Mexico. They are known as a tiny dog that has the personality of a much bigger dog. They tend to be fearless as they were bred to keep rat populations in check. They are wonderful watchdogs, despite their tiny size. They are also a breed that doesn’t self-regulate their body temperature well, making them despise cold weather.

Tindog has a wealth of information regarding dog breeds and their specific needs. Learn about their diet and exercise requirements, as well as any health issues that they may be prone to. It’s always a good idea to research the breeds you are most interested in so that you know what you’re getting into.

Some dogs look adorable but don’t have the right personality for you. Before choosing a dog, meet with breeders and ask them a lot of questions too. Meet some of the dog breeds that interest you and see which seem to fit your personality as well. The more research you do ahead of time, the more likely, you’ll find your perfect fit.


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  1. Thanks for a great post on my favorite pet subject. I love cats but dogs have the ability to take ME out for a walk and get moving. I still miss my precious Tasha and Princesse and Belle to this day. Unfortunately our building does not allow dogs. But one day soon I hope I will move and find my new dog friend.

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