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Bella Killed the Duck

This sweet little dog is my dachshund Bella.  Bella is a seven year old mini-dachshund.  I adopted her along with Fred.  Fred was Leelee’s puppy and I ended up with, he passed away in February. 

Bella loves toys.  She loves to play and chase balls.  Beall is a happy little dog that likes to have fun.

Bella loves toys that squeak.

Happy Little Bella

Bella is waiting for someone, anyone, to throw one of her toys.  She loves to play.  She would be happy if someone would play with her all day long.

Bella and Her Buddy Fred

Bella and her buddy Fred.  They were a happy pair.  They loved and protected one another.  Bella was sad when Fred passed away.  She is doing better than her humans thought she would.  Bella misses Fred but likes being the only dog in the house.

Bella Loves Her Ball

Bella loves to play.  She loves to play with her ball.  She will push it to you with her nose if she wants you to throw it for her.

Bella Killed the Duck

I got Bella a duck toy.  I gave it to her and went to put some stuff away.  When I came back, only a few minutes later.  Bella had killed the duck toy.  It was a record for how fast she could kill a duck toy.  She did this just a few minutes.   I would not want to be a duck that ran into this little dachshund.

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