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Baby bobcat rescued by an unknown man in Orlando

An unnamed man in Orlando Florida is being called a person who showed compassion for a small baby bobcat that was on the streets by himself since it is possible that his mom left him to be on his own.

The unnamed man took the small animal to his home to take care of the baby bobcat. When he was finished taking care of the baby bobcat, the man took the baby bobcat to a fire station in Orlando since some fire stations are known for taking care of small children or small animals until they find an animal refuge for animals or a local hospital for small children to be taken care of.   

The officials of the fire station in Orlando after they took care of the baby bobcat for a short period of time contacted the local animal refuge where the baby bobcat will spend a period of six months for a rehabilitation period until the baby bobcat is strong enough to go on his own into the wildlife.

I have to give credit where credit is due that one man took time to rescue a baby bobcat and care for it since he cares for small animals that were wandering in the streets of Orlando.

How many people do we know of would even do something like this to take care of a homeless animal besides a dog or a cat? Not many that I know of. 

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