Another Beautiful Spider for Your Viewing Pleasure

I believe this one is the classic “black widow” spider. This little momma is preparing her web for egg-laying and watching her work is quite fascinating to me.

She has no interest in attacking me because a) She’s busy and b) I’m not messing with her.

Now, should you encounter a black widow, you really should be careful as this breed is one of the few which are actually dangerous too Humans. Their bite has been known to kill people and put young, strong, healthy people in the hospital for weeks.

Were this one in my house I would probably kill it as black widows are stubborn about being moved. Their stubbornness is actually one of their qualities I admire. But the safety of the people in my home come first.

This one, though, was on someone else’s property so it is their responsibility, not mine.

Considering it lives outside, just like me, I have no reason to want it dead.

This was a case of my being able to simply admire the creature’s work – in spite of the web being what others would call ugly.

I hope you enjoyed this visit.


What do you think?

Written by DonaldPennington


  1. Reminds me of an Alice Cooper song. I am no fan of insects at all. But I get what you mean being outside. Nice post. Simple but entertaining.