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A Whimsical Film of Deer Being Silly

There are deer where I live that walk all over town. You see them walking down the streets, sitting in people’s yards, and trimming (eating) all the bushes and trees. People refer to them as the “uptown herd”. Everyone just leaves them alone except for the tourists who are happily surprised to see them up close. They want selfies as you may imagine.

My yard has a very old established deer trail going through it. I started filming them shortly after I moved here and I have a lot of raw deer footage. Occasionally I catch them doing funny things. I started editing clips together in hopes of one day making the silliest deer movie that YouTube ever saw. This is a short little bit of edited footage that I call Dancin’ Deer. It is roughly one minute long and has no sound but should make you smile.

What do you think?

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    • Ha, ha. I couldn’t resist rewinding back and forth a couple of times. As time permits I’ll put some more here. They are usually looking so composed and pastoral. I think next up might be fawns playing.
      Cheers Carol.

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