A nice grandson gives his grandma a puppy to replace one that died


I am sure that we all can relate to the loss of a dog that passed away due to old age. In the case of Shirley Lann, 84, the loss of her dog Kinsey who passed away a month ago after being the family pet for 14 years.

Then to add more sadness, Shirley’s husband died seven years of ago. Shirley considered Kinsey not only her pet dog but also her late husbands.

Shirley was admitted to a local rehabilitation center due to what appears to be depression due to the loss of her pet dog as well as her husband.

Matthew McVey who is Shirley’s grandson knew that he had to do something to lift the spirits of his ailing grandmother.

Matthew and his mom went to a local animal shelter In North Carolina to purchase a puppy to fill the void of his grandmother who was ill after the loss of her pet dog KInsey.

Matthew and his mom purchased a puppy named “Sammy” to present the puppy to his grandmother who was in a rehabilitation center.

The reaction of Shirley meeting her new puppy named Sammy was very touching since Shirley cried tears of joy when her grandson and daughter hit the jackpot in presenting her with a puppy to take up the space of Kinsey.

What I understand of the bonding of dogs or cats to senior citizens who are lonely is that the puppy or kitten who is the companion of an elderly person is priceless.

Famous old saying is “When one door closes, another door will open.”


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Written by Deepizzaguy

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  1. Casey will fill the void for Grandma since she looks her new pet. Like my sister’s dog Poochie fills the void after the death of my previous dog Jubilee a few years ago. Yes Jubilee was named after the S Men character Jubilation Lee.

  2. Such a great story. Pets are such great companions and company to the elderly and when they pass it’s truly like they lose a child or a loved one. I have always loved seeing most elderly people with pets because they are so good to the animals and spoil them so much, of course it’s just as hard on the pet if the own passes first. 🙁

    • Pets are the best friends of elderly and young people. Been there and done that concerning the stories of my relatives who are no longer with me who I remember seeing them with their pets like my late grandma and her late dog Belleza which means Beauty in Spanish.

  3. We can really understand Shirley’s feelings. Let alone with the elderly, even those who are young can be devastated by losing their dog or cat. One of our friends here has become inactive because his beloved dog is dead, right? And I’m grateful that Matthew knew how to treat his grandmother well.

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