A Hard Rains A-Gonna Fall

I thought this might at least amuse some of you. These are some memories that I have of my cat Sid. This was written when I still had him and as you can see by the photo he did not like the rain. I also hope you enjoy the song.

The song by Bob Dylan “A Hard Rains A-Gonna Fall” was begun by my cat Sid and since the song mentions a blue-eyed son well mine is one. Early in the morning, the rains started pouring and I nearly got rolled out of bed by a great meowing like all the heavens were angry at something. It was not the best way to begin a Sunday morning but I sure found out what he was complaining about.

It was windy, cold, and the rain came down all day. As you can see in the photo Sid is not a happy camper but go tell him to stay inside and dry off. He kept trying to go out and then sang a few bars on the roof and then came in complaining that he was wet and miserable. Anyway now it is nighttime but the rain is continuing and Sid has eaten and now must decide to stay or to go.



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    • However, Sid was not that bad about the elements. It was out first cat a girl named Cha Cha. Back in our garden in Latvia when it started pouring and she got stuck outside she stood under the garage roofing and was miserable. She did not think to dash to the house. So I had to dash to the garage in the rain grab her under my arm and dash back to the house. I sure wish I had a video of that dash.


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