A Good Samaritan takes care of a dog that was on the side of a road

If there is one major benefit of going out to take a jog during the morning hours, it is not only to get some exercise to keep your body is great physical condition, but you never know if you can play the role of Good Samaritan.

It happened on Friday in Nashville Tennessee when Heather Rose was taking her early morning jog on Tennessee state road 12 South when she saw a female husky dog on the side of the road.

Heather decided to do something for the poor husky who is up there in terms of age by contacting the Metro Animal Care and Control, going back to her home to get the husky whose name was not mentioned some water to drink.

When the officials of the Metro Animal Care And Control arrived where Heather and her dog were located, the ambulance took the female husky to the animal hospital to see if they could find her owner.

Since the husky had a microchip, the owner of the female husky was contacted by officials at the Metro Animal Care and Control that they found her dog and sound.

The owner of the husky admitted to the animal hospital officials that her dog ran out of her home earlier in the day.

The officials at the Metro Animal Care And Control believe that the husky due to her age could go so far during her walk on the road before she decided to take a break on the side of the road when Heather found her.


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  1. Good for Heather and the husky. I hope the husky was not on a busy highway… I am happy she was found and brought back home. Great collaboration between Heather and the Metro Animal Care and Control. The owner was also wise in having her Husky dog micro chipped.

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