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A gallery of my Runt or Runty Dumpty or President Runt

Just phone pictures of my beautiful Runt or Runty Dumpty as I so often call him or even sometimes President Runt (not like another president who I will not mention).

Meet Runt

To those who do not know him, Runt was born almost 48 hours after Bear, Flash and Brandy. He was the tiniest little cat that I had ever seen, hence his name Runt. Now Runt in this picture was about 2 years old, all grown up and so seductive, don't you think so? 

I want a cuddle

Here is my precious Runt waiting for a tummy rub. Can you see his left front paw? He is a polydactyl cat, that is he has an extra digits (or the thumbs as they are commonly called) on both front paws. He also has 6 digits on his left back paw and 5 on his right back paw. That is a lot of fingers and toes to clean, let me tell you but he manages to do a good job of it. 


Here is Runt at, if I remember well, about one year old. But what a cutie pie. 

Sleeping time

Here is Runty Dumpty in his favorite sleeping pose. Wow, does he seem relaxed. What do you think?


And here is President Runt posing for his official picture in front of his daddy's knitted sweater (I knitted it myself). Doesn't he look dignified?

Dreaming time

I just love this one and every cat who curls up like this. He looks so peaceful.

What do you think?

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    • Well then we will have to arrange a meeting. Come to Canada along with Maya and Kitty and we can laugh when we see our pets playing together… Thank you so much for your beautiful comment and your up vote…

    • Thank you very much for your nice comment and all your up votes. Yes I seem to remember you having a cat. I will have to check on the posts because I do not remember his name. Sorry but there are so many cats on Virily, it is hard to keep track. Again, sorry about this but I will try to make up for my lack of memory.

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