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A family in Texas reunites with their cat after a 10 year separation

Elyse Fulton who is the owner of a female cat named Fergie was very sad when she left Fergie with a family friend when she was a kitten back in 2006.

When Elyse and her relatives left for a vacation shortly after she adopted Fergie, she left her kitten with a cat sitter who was trusted to watch over Fergie. 

If there is one thing about kittens that I know from experience dealing with the youngest cat of my family who is named Burt, is that cats like to go outside the home to take a walk around the neighborhood.

In the case of Fergie, when she left the Fulton home to roam around the neighborhood, she never returned to her owner’s home.

When Elyse and her relatives returned from their vacation, she was disappointed that Fergie may have been lost forever.

However since Fergie had a microchip installed on her before the Fulton family went on vacation, the reunion of Fergie and her owner was just a matter of time since Fergie was in the neighborhood throughout the 10 years that she was not in the possession of her owner.

However last week a neighbor left Fergie at a local animal hospital. When the veterinarian found the microchip in Fergie’s possession, he called the Fulton home to inform them the good news that Fergie had been found after a 10 year separation from her family.

This story has a great ending since when Fergie reunited with her owners, according to Elyse, it appears that Fergie still remains the sweet cat that she has always been after she was adopted when she was six months of age.


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