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The nest is built on the ground or floating islets, close to the water. Use herbs and branches, which the female places to his liking. The nest has a diameter of two meters.

Usually it has three to eight eggs of greenish-blue coloration, being able to be of one to eleven eggs. There are differences in the size of the eggs, being able to be of up to 32%. The first egg is the smallest, and the last, the next smaller. The incubation lasts from 35 to 38 days, reaching 41 days. Incubation is performed by the female, although there are males that replace their partner. The pigeons are jealously cared for by both parents. They climb on the backs of parents. They stay with the parents for four or five months; In many cases until the beginning of the next breeding season.

Males mature sexually at three years of age; Females may by the second year. Most begin to raise at four or five years. They live on average 14 years of age in natural state, having registered up to 23 years of life.


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