A cat owner reunites with her missing cat in Dennis Massachusetts


This story is one of the interesting story in this history of cat and owner reunions in the history of this world we live in.

Rebecca Collins West who lives in Dennis Massachusetts had her faith in God that her cat who was most likely named after the characters of the Winnie The Pooh, ran away from home seven years ago when Rebecca wanted to have the cat enjoys being outdoors for just a few minutes.’

What happened next will make you second guess Rebecca’s decision to allow her cat who was at that time just one year old.

However Tigger was microchipped by Rebecca in case her cat would get lost. What happened next was that when Tigger did not return home, Rebecca’s relatives were telling her that Tigger was not coming home since they feared the worst that Tigger had passed away.

As the years passed, it remains a mystery where Tigger went. On July 31, 1018 an official with the Massachusetts Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Animals (MSPCA) had a bunch of animals delivered to their office after Tigger was seen at a home in Mashpee Massachusetts after the then owner of Tigger left his home to a treatment center to deal a personal issue that remains a private matter.

When the officials at the animal shelter did checked the cat to see if he was microchipped so the officials at the animal center found out that Tigger had an owner located in Dennis, they called Rebecca to tell her the good news that Tigger was safe and sound.

Now the point is that the question that needed to be answered was, would Tigger would recognize his owner after a seven year separation.

Rebecca was amazed that Tigger did remember his owner even though seven years had passed between the day that he ran away from home to being reunited with his owner.

Rebecca has learned her lesson not to allow her cat to leave her home without her permission since she knows the old saying “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”

Nevertheless when Tigger returned to his owners home, he went into the house to eat some cat food that Rebecca prepared for him.

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