9 Simple ways to keep your dog busy indoors

Due to living busy lives, it’s common for modern parents to leave their canines all alone at home. It isn’t good for a dog to stay without exercise for long. Or live with a person who is a couch potato: They can either develop health problems such as obesity or cause destruction in your house.

To ensure the dog is active, you can learn to make it have less time on its paws by introducing something to fill its day. Here are some simple ways to keep your dog busy indoors:

1. Have a puzzle bowl for your dog

A puzzle bowl is nothing complicated; it’s merely a bowl designed in such a way that it takes time for your dog to finish its food.

Juggling for the food in the puzzle bowl makes the dog less bored and anxious. The dish also challenges the dog mentally.

2. Play hide and seek with the dog

To reinforce the ‘stay’ order with your pet, hide and seek game is the perfect way to do this. In the beginning, the pooch might not be able to understand the game. However, with practice, it can learn. You can even have someone to hold it until you tell it to come and find you.

This game not only enhances their problem-solving skills but also improves the bond that your dog develops towards its owner- you.

3. Make sure the television is on

If you stay in a quiet household, your dog can quickly become bored and cause destruction. To make sure your belongings and the dog are safe, make the dog busy by turning on the television and switching it to an animal’s channel.

The dog can hear the sounds of other dogs and get stimulated. In that, your dog is active.

4. Have a puppy play date

Do you have a family member around or a neighbour you’re on good terms? If yes, you need to arrange for a puppy playdate with your puppy- if they have a pet dog that your dog knows well.

You should ensure that their pet is healthy to avoid transferring diseases.

5. The shell game is great

The shell game helps to keep your dog engaged in something. You need to have a treat and your dog nearby watching. Place the gift under one of the cups and shuffle the cups around. You can then encourage your dog to find the treat. By playing the shell game, you are mentally stimulating the dog. This game also helps to develop their problem-solving skills.

6. Play a fetch game with your dog

If you don’t have an extra room indoors, you need to find the right place to play this game. You can even play in large living rooms. It wouldn’t be a good idea however to play fetch in the kitchen.Just like any other game, the fetch game makes the dog active in something.

7. Make the dog work to get food

Our canines live comfortable lives. We provide them with food, we give them attention when they are sick, and we offer them a warm bed. It shouldn’t be that way. You should make your dog work for food.

The best way to do this is to make them perform a few tricks before you give them food or you can ensure they get food from a food-dispensing toy: these activities stimulate them mentally.

8. Provide a block of ice to play with

Another way to make your dog active is to fill an ice cream container filled with water and the dog’s treats. You can also place a toy in an ice cream container, fill it with water, and freeze it.

The water will freeze eventually, and treats will be available for the dog. However, the dog has to wait anxiously for the ice to melt: This makes the dog active in something.

9. Chasing bubbles

To keep your dog happy, exercised, and entertained, you need to make it chase bubbles: Some dogs are fascinated by catching them.

You need to purchase bubbles making toys and have your canine chase them. In that, your dog gets busy. Get more pet tips on Pet Blogish.


Keeping a dog busy is essential for its growth and productivity. You need to learn to make your dog have something on its paws. By following the above exercises, you can make your canine busy avoiding boredom and anxiety, which isn’t good for its health and productivity.

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