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Medical tourism in the Nordic countries (part 2): Sweden

Learning about some features and pluses of medical tourism in Finland, let’s move to the study of the benefits of treatment and recovery in the next Northern country – Sweden. If your disease is directly related to orthopedic surgery, neurosurgery, ophthalmology, oncology, then you should definitely contact the Swedish doctors. Why? There you can find […] More

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Very beautiful and little-known Åland Islands: a quiz

The Åland archipelago is distinguished by the unique beauty of pristine nature. 6,700 islands – the especial small world where the sea is always nearby. The Åland landscape varies from the inner archipelago’s leafy greenery to the outer skerries’ red granite rocks. Also there you can see a great variety of different plants and birds. […] More

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Medical tourism in the Nordic countries (part 1): Finland

Where it is possible to combine useful with pleasing – to undergo treatment and at the same time to get a quality rest? The Nordic countries is just the perfect option! Let’s begin with Finland. The highest level of doctors’ qualification, the most modern equipment of Finnish clinics, availability of newest methods of diagnosis encourages […] More

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Scandinavian cities and towns: a quiz

Wish to refresh your knowledge/repeat some curious information about Scandinavian cities and towns? Welcome to my quiz! It includes interesting facts from my previous posts devoted to the Nordic countries (except the last question – some kind of funny challenge especially for you). If you need to pre-check your answers, I’ll give you the set […] More

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Scandinavian bridges: what do you know about them? Quiz

As you know, Scandinavia is rich in various architectural delights. Among others, they include bridges that give a special charm to the Nordic countries. Let’s know some facts about the most picturesque Scandinavian bridges & have some aesthetic pleasure from photos with their images! Log in or Register to save this content for later. More

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Secrets of Nordic cuisine: a culinary trip to Bergen

In recent years there has been an increase in the popularity of Scandinavian cuisine. Some world’s leading chefs praise the Nordic dishes and visit the Nordic countries in search of new culinary ideas. If you want to get some knowledge about Scandinavian cuisine, it will be helpful to go to Bergen, Norway and make a […] More

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